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Tour Guide Talks
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The Intrepid Museum’s Tour Guide Talks reveal the fascinating stories behind our artifacts and exhibits. Get swept up in tales of human ingenuity and heroic service, and gain greater insight into history during these 15-minute presentations by our highly trained, knowledgeable tour guides.

Tour Guide Talks take place daily at the Museum. All talks are open to the public and free with admission. Ask at the Information Desk for exact times and locations.

We also have a video series of inspiring Tour Guide Talks, which you can watch here.


Here's our most recent Tour Guide Talk video, about V-J Day:

Tour Guide Talks in November


One Day in Vietnam: October 9, 1966

The day-to-day operations and stories of the Vietnam War often get lost in the big picture. Delve into one particular day in Intrepid’s service to gain a better understanding of the U.S. Navy’s role in the war and the complexity of operations in North Vietnam. Hear about the events of October 9, 1966, and the people that experienced them, including Lt. Tom Patton, who shot down a jet-powered MiG-17 from his propeller-driven airplane.

What’s in a Name? Six Ships Named Intrepid

Discover the enduring legacy of the name Intrepid in the U.S. military, from the original ship that fought in the Barbary Wars up to the aircraft carrier Intrepid at the Museum. Learn about two other types of craft that bore the name as well: the lunar landing module for the Apollo 12 mission and an observation balloon used by the Union Army during the Civil War.



Mars: NASA’s Journey to the Red Planet

In 1965, the NASA spacecraft Mariner 4 took the first close-up photos of Mars on a fly-by mission. Today, NASA is making plans to put astronauts on the planet for the first time. Learn about NASA’s successful missions to the “red planet” over the past 50 years and how astronauts will get there in the future.

Focus on Hubble: The Challenge to Improve Our Greatest Telescope

The Hubble Space Telescope was designed to be repaired and upgraded in Earth orbit. Hear about the five bold servicing missions made by space shuttle crews and the scientific discoveries behind Hubble’s spectacular images.


Coming up...Tour Guide Talks in December

One Day in Vietnam: October 9, 1966

Stories from Pearl Harbor

Mars: NASA’s Journey to the Red Planet

Focus on Hubble: The Challenge to Improve Our Greatest Telescope