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The Intrepid Museum Celebrates Apollo 50 Next Giant Leap

Join us for exhibitions, events and programs that connect the science and innovation from the 1969 moon landing to the space exploration of tomorrow. It all starts with the opening of Apollo 11: Media, the Moon and Beyond—a new installation beneath the space shuttle Enterprise that will showcase the awe of the moon landing through the emotions and reactions that echoed worldwide.

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Sensory Friendly Evening for Teens and Adults

Friday, October 11
Sensory Friendly Evening for Teens and Adults
Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing s with a sensory friendly evening for teens and adults with autism. The Space Shuttle Pavilion will be open late for exploration.


School and Teacher Programs ONGOING
Space-Focused Programs for Schools and Other Educational Groups
Bring your school, camp, scout or other 3rd-12th grade age group for a space-themed education program!

Children in grades 3–6 will explore the challenge of maintaining physical health in a microgravity environment and discuss astronauts’ nutrition and preparatory physical training. They will also learn how the design and protective technology of space suits made it possible for humans to walk safely on the moon.

Students in grades 7–12 will delve deeper into the history of the Space Race and the competition between the United States and the former Soviet Union. Students will imagine the challenge of creating technology that operates in the vacuum of space and discuss the engineering behind the space shuttle Enterprise and its robotic arm. Students will also construct their own “robotic arms” to capture and move objects.

Uncover Intrepid’s role in the U.S. space program with our All Hands program for groups of individuals with disabilities. View the space shuttle Enterprise and explore replica space capsules. This program may include a planetarium show.

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