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Donate an Artifact

The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum collects artifacts that document the history of the aircraft carrier Intrepid, the supersonic aircraft Concorde, the submarine Growler and the space shuttle orbiter Enterprise. Our rich collection of historical artifacts and archives allows the Museum to share the extraordinary history of these major artifacts and their crews with our current and future visitors.

The Intrepid Museum uses its collections for a variety of purposes. While some historical objects may be put on display, others may be used for our Education Department’s hands-on programming for students. Additional items, such as photographs and archival documents, support the Museum’s research efforts and supplement tours. We also feature items from our collections on our website and on social media.

The Museum collects a variety of artifacts, including personalized items such as uniforms, tools, diaries, souvenirs, ephemera, cruise books, documents, letters, photographs and slides.

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What type of artifacts does the Museum collect?


The Museum primarily collects items related to Intrepid, Growler, Concorde and Enterprise.  We are particularly interested in personal items used and created during service, such as diaries, letters, photographs, works of art and slides. We are also interested in gear, uniforms, training materials and other items associated with service. If you have questions about whether or not your artifacts are appropriate for our collection, we encourage you to contact us at

How can I donate my artifacts?


Please fill out our donation form or email to be put in touch with our collections manager.  We strongly prefer that you contact us before sending us your artifacts or bringing them with you to the Museum. We will work with you on shipping the items to the Museum. The Museum does not accept artifacts in person from prospective donors; we ask that you please do not bring items with you on your visit.

Can I bring my artifacts with me when I visit?


The Museum is grateful for donations of artifacts, photos, letters and other memorabilia. If you have artifacts to donate, we can work with you on shipping the items to the Museum. Please refrain from bringing items on your visit, as we do not accept artifacts in person. We will work with you on shipping items to the Museum, please contact to do so.

What happens after I send my artifacts to the Museum?

 A collections committee meets monthly to decide on potential acquisitions. If your artifact is accepted by the committee, you’ll receive an itemized Deed of Gift, which formalizes the donation.  If for some reason the artifacts are not accepted, they will be returned to you or, if you prefer, given to our Educational Department for hands-on programming. See our Gift Information for Artifact Donors Document or Collections Management Policy for more information on our donation procedures.

How does the Museum use its collection?


Every item in the Museum’s collection helps us tell the stories of Intrepid, Growler, Concorde and Enterprise, as well as the many individuals involved in their design and operation. Our staff uses the collection for a variety of projects, including research, educational programming, exhibitions, online articles and social media.

When will my artifacts go on display?


We cannot guarantee that artifacts will be put on display. Each donation expands our ability to tell the stories of Intrepid, Growler, Concorde and Enterprise. We use our collections in a variety of ways, including research, educational programming, online articles and social media. We also preserve our collections so that future generations will be able to learn from them.

Can I view artifacts I have donated?


At this time, we have temporarily suspended appointments for donors to visit our collections storage facility. Contact if you would like digital copies of your donation.




































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