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Search the Collection

The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum collects items related to the service history of its vessels and aircraft. Many of the Museum’s archival finding aids and oral history transcripts are searchable online here. The entire collection is not available yet. We are continually adding to this database, so please check back periodically for new finding aids and transcripts.

The Museum’s object and media collections, including photographs and film footage, are not yet available online. Please contact our collections staff at for inquiries about these collections.

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What will I find in the Intrepid Museum’s archive?

The Museum’s archive includes our archival finding aids and oral history transcripts. These records provide information about the content and scope of our collections. Many archival finding aids are accompanied by scans of important documents within that collection. These are identified as digital objects. For larger collections, the entire collection’s holdings may not be digitized and available online.

Why isn’t your whole collection online?

We are constantly working to get more items online, including our collection of objects, photographs and film footage. If you are interested in learning more about items that are not yet available online, contact

Is there audio or visual footage of the oral histories?

Each oral history interview is recorded on video. If you are interested in viewing an oral history interview, please contact Clips from our oral history collection are available here.

How do I make an appointment to do research using the Museum’s collection?

Please fill out our research request form. Our collections manager will be in touch with you.

What is an archive?

At the Intrepid Museum, an archive is a collection of two-dimensional works on paper from a single creator or historical owner. It can consist of letters, newspapers, diaries and instructional material.

What is a digital object?

A digital object is our database’s term for primary resource. If you click on digital objects, you will find PDF versions of documents or oral history transcripts in our collection.

What is an oral history?

An oral history is a recorded conversation between a narrator who has experienced important history and an interviewer. Both the narrator and the interviewer intend to create a permanent record that will contribute to an understanding of the past. The Intrepid Museum conducts oral histories with former crew members of Intrepid and Growler, members of the space program, and people associated with the Concorde.

What is a finding aid?


A finding aid is a document that inventories and provides context for an archive. Since an archive can contain hundreds of documents, a finding aid gives an overview and summary of the types of records that the archive contains without listing every document. Finding aids also provide historical and biographical context for the content and historical owner of an archive.





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