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Search the Collection

The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum’s rich collection of historical artifacts and archives allows us to share the extraordinary history of our vessels and their crews. A portion of our collections are searchable online through two databases. While the entire collection is not available yet, we are continually adding to these databases. Please check back often.

Contact our collections manager at if you would like to view additional materials or have research questions about these collections. Usage, including any proposed reproductions, of materials in the database must be approved in advance.

Search the Collections ❱ Search the Archives ❱

What is the difference between the two links?

The Museum currently uses two collections databases. Each one provides access to different types of materials.

The Search the Collections link allows you to search records from all four categories of the Museum’s collections: objects, media, archives and oral histories. You also can explore thematic and item-specific groupings. This is the place to look for personal artifacts like uniforms and souvenirs, and images including photographs and slides.

The Search the Archives link will bring you to a website that allows you to search our archival collections, which are documents and other items on paper. Here you’ll find correspondence, diaries, cruise books, oral history transcripts and ship newspapers from World War II. Some archives and oral history interviews appear in both databases.

Why isn’t your whole collection online?

We have over 20,000 artifacts, media, archives and oral histories in our collections, and we review each record before making it available to the public. We are constantly working to get more items online, so check back often. If you would like more information about items that are not currently available online, please email our team at

Where can I find historical photographs and film?

Click Search the Collections to access historical photographs and film depicting the Museum’s vessels and aircraft during their years of service. The database currently includes a small portion of our media collection. Contact our collections manager at if you would like to view additional materials.

What is an archive? Where can I find archival records?

At the Intrepid Museum, an archive is a collection of two-dimensional works on paper from a single creator or historical owner. It can consist of letters, newspapers, diaries and instructional material. You’ll find the largest selection of archival records by clicking Search the Archives.

What is an oral history? Where can I find oral history interviews?

An oral history is a recorded conversation between a narrator who has experienced important history and an interviewer. Both the narrator and the interviewer intend to create a permanent record that will contribute to an understanding of the past. The Intrepid Museum conducts oral histories with former crew members of Intrepid and Growler, members of the space program, and people associated with the Concorde. You’ll find oral history transcripts by clicking Search the Collections or Search the Archives. If you are interested in viewing an oral history interview, please contact Clips from our oral history collection are available here.

How can I do research using the Museum’s collections?

Please fill out our research request form. Be sure to include specific information about your research project and the materials you are interested in using. Our collections manager will be in touch with you.

Can I reproduce or use materials from the collection?


Generally, members of the public can reproduce materials (including historic images) from the collection with permission from the collections department. Reproductions can be licensed for personal, scholarly or commercial use. A fee may be associated with such use. Please refer to the Museum's Media Reproduction Policy and Fee Schedule for more details. To request the use of items from the collection, please contact the department at

How can I donate to the Museum’s collections?


The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum collects artifacts that document the history of the aircraft carrier Intrepid, the supersonic aircraft Concorde, the submarine Growler and the space shuttle orbiter Enterprise. For more information about our donation process and to contact our staff click here.









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