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The Intrepid Museum Youth Summit is a FREE conference that invites students to visit the Intrepid Museum for a day of inspiration and action. Participants will hear from highly motivated teens who have created projects or solutions that address issues and problems in new or innovative ways. During the Youth Summit, students have the opportunity to share with and inspire each other to think differently and take positive action within their community.

The Intrepid Museum's Youth Summit Aspires to:

  • Provide an environment that promotes conversation, development and engagement for New York City youth to address the issues that matter to them.
  • Increase local teen and youth engagement and accessibility to the Intrepid Museum.
  • Engage New York City cultural institutions, academia and industry leaders in conversation and support for NYC youth.

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Check-in Begins


Opening Remarks and Keynote


Check-in Closes


Poster Session


Session 1 (Concurrent Workshops & Flash Sessions)


Snack/Chat Break


Session 2 (Concurrent Workshops & Flash Sessions)


Closing Remarks

Justin Shaifer, Fascinate Inc.
Justin Shaifer, also known as “Mr. Fascinate,” is a popular science communicator and STEM education specialist, with over 30,000 social media followers and 2 million content views. He has reached thousands of students and educators with his content, keynotes and workshops.

He is known for his work on the Magic Cool Bus Project and his TEDx Talk, How to Speak 'Generation Z'. Justin's work has been featured in Forbes, Variety and several other popular media outlets.

He is also the host of the WGBH’s Live Science Show Escape Lab, featured on Twitch.

  • This FREE program is most appropriate for students between the ages of 14 and 20. Participants will connect by sharing dialogue and their own ideas, analyzing and questioning the world to come up with solutions for important issues. We encourage all attendantees to participate, whether presenting your own projects or learning from your peers. Please remember to bring your school ID for entrance to the Museum.

    Registration for attending the Youth Summit will open January 31, 2020.
    Check back to our website for details.


  • Do you want to be a student presenter at the Youth Summit? This is a conference designed for youth, with NYC teen voices front and center. The Summit is looking for New York City students who want to share their innovative projects with their peers. These creative projects and innovative solutions should seek to solve local, national or global problems in new ways, and may involve new approaches to existing problems.

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  • FAQS

    Q Is the Youth Summit Free?
    A Yes, with online registration.
    Q What should I wear?
    A Wear comfortable clothing that looks professional (“business casual”). Examples of business casual include attire you would wear to a job or college interview. Pants, skirts or jeans with no rips, tears or embellishments and a shirt or top that covers your torso are appropriate choices. Wear comfortable shoes or sneakers that look nice. We suggest dressing in layers, as the temperatures in the Museum tend to fluctuate from one space to another. Not Acceptable: revealing clothing and clothing adorned with foul language or images.
    Q What should I bring with me?
    A We suggest bringing a book bag or backpack with you for the Summit; some of the student presenters will have handouts and presentation materials, and you’ll want a safe place to keep those. Be sure to bring with you a pen, pencil and notebook in case you want to take any notes. The Intrepid Museum does not have locker storage available, so whatever you bring with you will need to be carried with you throughout the day. The Intrepid Museum will not be responsible for any lost items.
    Q Will there be food?
    A Breakfast will be served at the beginning of the event and snacks will be available after that. If you have dietary restrictions, you may want to pack your own snack. There are also two cafés: one located within the Intrepid Museum, and one in the Museum’s Welcome Center.
    Q Do I need a chaperone?
    A If you are under the age of 16, you will be required to bring a responsible and mature adult with you to the conference. Groups attending the Summit must have a 10:1 student-to-chaperone ratio.
    Q Does my adult chaperone have to accompany me (and my group) for the full duration of the Summit?
    A Yes, they should be at the Intrepid Museum the entire time while you attend the Summit. Before the day of the conference, we will provide an update with ways for your chaperone to spend their time while you attend the Summit
    Q Can I bring a friend?
    A Absolutely! But please note that each person who attends the conference will need to be registered for the Summit. If someone suddenly decides to come to the Summit on June 13th, we can’t guarantee them entry.
    Q What if I sign up and then realize I can’t go to the Summit?
    A We understand that things come up unexpectedly, like sickness or family commitments. If you plan to come to the Summit and later realize you are unable to make it (even up to the day of the conference), please email us at so that we can potentially give your spot to someone else who is able to attend.
    Q Is there a limit to how many people can attend the Summit?
    A Because space is limited, yes, we have to limit the amount of students attending the Summit. Once our RSVP list fills up, we will contact those on our waitlist when space becomes available.
    Q Can I take pictures during at the Summit?
    A Yes, you can take pictures. Before taking photos of others, we ask that you be respectful and get their permission first, and let them know how you intend to use their image (for posting to social media or texting to a friend, for instance).
    Q Once the Summit ends, can I stay and explore the rest of the Museum complex?
    A Yes, and we hope you do! Registered guests and their adult chaperones will be free to stay and enjoy the Museum until closing time.
The Youth Leadership Summit at Intrepid is supported by a grant from Arconic Foundation.
Arconic Foundation

Youth Leadership programs at Intrepid receive support from:

Call: 646-381-5020