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The Intrepid Museum Youth Summit is a FREE virtual conference that invites students to hear from experts in the fields of STEM and social advocacy as well as highly motivated teens who have created projects or solutions that address issues in our society. During the Youth Summit, participants have the opportunity to share with and inspire each other to think differently and take positive action within their community.

The Intrepid Museum's Youth Summit Aspires to:

  • Provide an environment that promotes conversation, development and engagement for youth to address the issues that matter to them.
  • Increase teen and youth engagement with and accessibility to diverse cultural institutions, industry leaders and professionals.
  • Engage cultural institutions, academia and industry leaders in conversation and support for youth.


We are excited to have you join us for our featured activities for the day!

  • 11:00am: Summit kickoff with opening remarks from Shay Saleem and the Intrepid Museum’s President Susan Marenoff-Zausner
  • 11:10am-11:25am: Morning Keynote Speaker: Actress and debater, Thursday Williams of Broadway’s What the Constitution Means to Me
  • 11:30am-1:30pm: Concurrent sessions
  • 1:30pm-2:30pm: Afternoon Keynote Speaker: Science Communicator and STEM Education Specialist, Justin Shaifer
  • 2:30pm-5:30pm: Concurrent sessions
  • 5:30pm-6:00pm: Animal adaptations (live animal show) with Animal Embassy
  • 6:00pm-7:00pm: Closing remarks with Shay Saleem and dance party with DJ Mike and Leecy T.

Concurrent sessions include presentations from New York City high school students, virtual tours of the Intrepid Museum, workshops in 3-D technology, personal branding, social justice, digital media and robotics, along with career panels in STEAM business, art conservation, medicine, journalism, entrepreneurship and information technology. You can choose to join whichever sessions you are interested in and freely move between sessions during the Summit.
For our detailed schedule click HERE!

Thursday Williams
Thursday Williams made her Broadway debut in the recent hit play, What the Constitution Means to Me. She has debated at Brooklyn Law School and NYU through the Legal Outreach Program and completed a judicial internship at the Civil Supreme Court through the Sonia & Celina Sotomayor Judicial Internship Program.
Williams also served as a Sergeant for the Explorers Program at the NYPD 103rd Precinct. She is currently a first-year student at Trinity College, majoring in Political Science for her undergraduate studies.
Justin Shaifer, Fascinate Inc.
Justin Shaifer, also known as “Mr. Fascinate,” is a popular science communicator and STEM education specialist, with over 30,000 social media followers and 2 million content views. He has reached thousands of students and educators with his content, keynotes and workshops.
He is known for his work on the Magic Cool Bus Project and his TEDx Talk, How to Speak 'Generation Z'. Justin's work has been featured in Forbes, Variety and several other popular media outlets.
He is also the host of the WGBH’s Live Science Show Escape Lab, featured on Twitch.

  • The Intrepid Museum’s Youth Summit features over 30 individuals and organizations including: Alicia Weaver; American Museum of Natural History; Animal Embassy; Audrey Lee; Creative Duality; Digital Girl, Inc; DJ Mike and Leecy T; Dynahlee Padilla; Edward R. Murrow High School; Etre; Gibney; Girl Scouts of Greater New York; Girls Play Global; Girls Who Run the World; HS Polls; Hudson River Park; iResearch Institute; Jazmyn Fuller; Juno Medical Practice and Klitt Health; Kyra-Lee Harry; Makers for COVID-19; The Metropolitan Museum of Art; MindRealm; NASA Kennedy Space Center; NEST4US; New York Hall of Science; New-York Historical Society; New York Institute of Technology; Rainesford Stauffer; Raven the Science Maven; Seeds of Fortune Inc; SLT Consulting; Sophie Xu; Tattfoo Studio; Teens for Change; Urban Glass; We Are STEM NYC; YOUth of BC; Youth STEM 2030; and MORE!

  • This FREE program is most appropriate for students between the ages of 14 and 20. Participants will connect by sharing dialogue and their own ideas, analyzing and questioning the world to come up with solutions for important issues.
  • FAQS

    Q Is the Youth Summit Free?
    A Yes, register on line and we will send you a link to the conference just a few days in advance.
    Q What kind of technical equipment will I need to join the Summit?
    A We understand that not everyone has access to the same type of technology, but in order to see some of the presentations it might be better to be on a bigger screen like a laptop/desktop or a Chromebook/iPad. We are also looking into ways that students without a smartphone will participate. Make sure that you are in a place in your home that you will have a strong signal or access to strong wifi. We suggest you use Chrome as your browser for the Summit.
    Q What should I wear?
    A We know this is a virtual conference, but if you dress like you are going to a conference, it may help you become more focused and "present" for the sessions you are joining. Wear comfortable clothing that looks professional (“business casual”). Examples of business casual include attire you would wear to a job or college interview. Pants, skirts or jeans with no rips, tears or embellishments and a shirt or top that covers your torso are appropriate choices.
    Not Acceptable: revealing clothing and clothing adorned with foul language or images.
    Q What should I do to prepare for the Summit?
    A We suggest having a pen or pencil and a notebook with you in case you want to take any notes, or jot down questions you may have for the presenters. Find a spot in your home that you will be comfortable and relatively undisturbed while you are joined to the Summit.
    Q What if I sign up and then realize I can’t join the Summit?
    A If you plan to join the Summit and later realize you are unable to, please email us at
The Youth Summit at Intrepid is supported by a grant from Arconic Foundation.
Arconic Foundation

Youth Leadership programs at Intrepid receive support from:

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