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Accessibility Resources

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The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum provides specialized programs and resources to support and enhance the experience of all visitors, including those with disabilities, their peers and families. The Museum also offers free admission to personal care assistants coming to the Museum in support of visitors with disabilities. The offer is administered in person at the Museum’s box office.

Online Resources: Plan Your Visit

Social Narrative
The Social Narrative provides an illustrated, step-by-step guide on what to expect during a visit to the Museum. Use the Social Narrative to prepare for your visit and a change in routine. If you reserved a guided program or plan to attend a public event or festival, please email to request a customized version. 
Social Narrative for individuals, families and self-guided groups PDF

Sensory Guide
The Sensory Guide is an illustrated overview of the different areas of the Museum. For each section of the Museum, it lists highlights, noise level, rules about touching and eating, and wheelchair accessibility. The areas of the Museum match with the maps in the Visitor’s Guide available in the Welcome Center and at the Information Desk. Click here to download the Sensory Guide PDF

Visual Vocabularies
Visual Vocabularies can augment communication or help families and groups focus their visit. Use these Visual Vocabularies to get a sense of what to expect, introduce new vocabulary and plan out what to see at the Museum. Print different ones and cut and paste the squares to plan your own visit. The submarine Growler has special requirements for entry, which are listed here.

Life aboard Intrepid PDF    |   Aviation PDF    |   Space Travel PDF    |   Staying Afloat PDF    |   Transportation PDF    |   Submarines PDF

Explore the Museum’s YouTube channel for videos about Museum news and events, behind the scenes tours, aircraft, oral histories, different areas of the ship and more.

Virtual Tour
The Museum partnered with Google Arts & Culture to provide free online access to many of its historical spaces, artifacts and archives. Using Google’s Street View feature, people all over the world can now virtually explore the Museum’s most intriguing spaces, including Intrepid, Growler, the Concorde and the Space Shuttle Pavilion, all with just a few clicks.




On-Site Resources

Lightweight Stools
Lightweight stools are available to borrow from the Information Desk at no cost. Visitors may bring the stools around the Museum with them for easier access to seating.

Please note the majority of the Museum is wheelchair accessible but there are no wheelchairs available for public use. For more information about physical access at the Museum, please email Wheelchair

Sensory Bags
Sensory bags are available to borrow from the Information Desk at no cost. Bags include noise-reduction headphones and fidgets to help ease sensory stimulation. Visual vocabularies and checklists, scavenger hunts and activity sheets are also available at the Information Desk. These resources are also available during all public programs. Use the online resources to help plan and prepare for your visit to the Museum.

Verbal Description and Tactile Guides Large Print, Braille and talking pen
The Verbal Description and Tactile Guide book uses raised images, Braille, large print and a talking pen to support self-guided visitors who are blind or have low vision. Visitors may borrow the book and talking pen from the Information Desk at no cost. To learn more about the resource, watch this YouTube video demonstration.
Assistive Listening Devices and Systems Assistive Listening Devices
Assistive listening devices (ALDs) are available to borrow at no cost for guided programs and tours. ALDs are available as stereo headphones, single-ear headphones or T-coil compatible induction loops. Induction loops are installed at the Box Office and throughout the Museum for permanent and temporary exhibits.
Audio/Video Guides Audio/Video Guides
Audio guides are available in several languages, including American Sign Language (ASL). Visitors may purchase audio guides when buying their tickets and should pick them up in the Welcome Center. Audio guides are compatible with T-coil induction neck loops, which are available at the Information Desk. ASL video guides are available to borrow at no cost at the Information Desk.

Specialized Programs

ASL-interpretation can be arranged at no cost for all tours and programs with advance notice. Please email or call 646-381-5158 at least two weeks ahead of time.

Customized verbal description and touch tours are offered by advance request at no cost to visitors who are blind or have low vision. Please email or call 646-381-5158 at least two weeks ahead of time.

All specialized programs for school, community and family groups include enhanced sensory opportunities and support both social-emotional and academic goals. Participants have the opportunity to practice their problem-solving, collaboration, self-regulation and other social skills in a unique, safe and supportive environment. Museum educators draw connections between participants’ experiences and the real challenges crew members, pilots, engineers and astronauts faced and overcame. Programs relate to history and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math). For more information about specialized programs for families, school groups and community groups of all ages and backgrounds, please visit


Access Community Advisors

The Museum is committed to removing barriers to participation and providing equity and inclusion for individuals with disabilities. If you have recommendations, feedback or want to be more involved, please contact


Call: 646-381-5020