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Camp Intrepid is our full-day school break program where history and STEM come together! Each day children dive into exciting projects related to the aircraft carrier Intrepid, the Museum’s collections of air and spacecraft, historical artifacts and modern technology to assist them in their exploration. Children think critically, question the world around them and explore topics related to the history and science of our collections while having fun!


Programming takes place from 9:00am-5:00pm at the Museum and morning check in begins at 8:30am.

Camp Intrepid is nut-free.
Enrolled campers must be at least five-years-old and attending full-day kindergarten during the 2019-2020 academic year.

Daily or weekly options are available.



  • Spy Science – Explore Intrepid, the submarine Growler, the A-12 spy plane and items in the collection used for spying and super-secret communication! How does science help us with sending, receiving and learning secrets? Ages 5-10.

Camp Intrepid will be on vacation for summer 2020 but please check back for our offerings in 2021!
  • Winter/Spring
    Camper Rates Daily $125
    Weekly $600
    Member Camper Rates Daily $100
    Weekly $480
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    Sign up for two or more children to get discounts off the regular and member camper prices.
  • FAQ

    Q What if my child needs to leave earlier than regular dismissal time?
    A Children who must leave before 4:45pm can be picked up at our early dismissal time of 3:30pm. Please notify us at morning check-in or send an email to us by noon that day. Speak with the camp coordinator if you need to make any other arrangements.
    Q Where do I sign-in/sign-out my child?
    A Children need to be signed in and out by an adult at West 46th Street and 12th Avenue at the Museum's Welcome Center.
    Q Does Camp Intrepid have parking?
    A Temporary parking is available in the Museum lot only during designated sign-in and sign-out times. The Museum’s parking lot is located on the east side of 12th Avenue between 45th Street and 46th Street. Children must be escorted to and from the sign-in/sign-out location by a guardian.
    Q Does Camp Intrepid provide lunch?
    A Children are welcome to bring their own nut-free lunches but if you wish to order lunch for your child, please fill out an order form included in the Camp Intrepid welcome packet and return it before the start of programming. Children cannot buy their own lunches at the Museum and will not have access to a refrigerator or microwave. Lunches are kept in our temperature-controlled classrooms. Camp Intrepid is a nut-free camp.
    Q Do you have a nurse on site?
    A Although Camp Intrepid does not have an on-site nurse, staff members are trained in First aid and CPR.
    Q What if my child has to take medication during the day?
    A Since our facility does not have a nurse, staff members cannot dispense medication to campers.
    Q What if my child has allergies?
    A Please indicate all allergies (food, environmental, etc) on your medical form so that staff members are aware of these circumstances and can provide as safe an environment as possible for your child.
    Q My child has severe allergic reactions. Can I send my child to Camp Intrepid with an EpiPen?
    A Yes, provided your child is able to administer it himself/herself should it be needed.
    Q My child learns differently from others and is very shy around other children until she gets to know them better. Does knowing that help you to provide a better experience for her?
    A Yes! Children with many different backgrounds and learning styles join us at Camp Intrepid. Having many different types of children in our program brings the most interesting team and individual projects to fruition. Please tell us anything we should know about your child that will help them have a more complete and engaging experience at Camp Intrepid – especially any strategies or accommodations that are used at school or at home.
    Q What if my child becomes ill or there is a problem at Camp Intrepid?
    A If your child becomes sick or there is a problem, the Museum will call you. Please be sure the number you provide is where we can reach you in case of emergency
    Q What do children do in Camp Intrepid?
    A Learn and have fun! Projects and activities relate to the themes of the week and are tailored to the ages and interests of the children. Depending on the week, aircraft pilots, former crew members, curators and outside presenters/activities may be featured.
    Q Will my child receive anything for going to Camp Intrepid?
    A Your child will receive a Camp Intrepid T-Shirt for each week of Camp Intrepid. The T-shirt will identify your child when the group is in the Museum and keeps the clothes you send them in from getting paint, glue or other materials on them. Children will also receive a water bottle which will go home with them on their last day of programming. 
    Q What is your cancellation policy?
    A A non-refundable processing fee of $25 for daily selections and $150 for weekly selections is included in the price of Camp Intrepid.

Call: 646-381-5020