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Girls in Science and Engineering Day

The Intrepid Museum will be joined by several science-based organizations for Girls in Science and Engineering Day, an annual event that will expand your mind and spark curiosity about the physical world around you. Discover what cool projects your peers are working on and conduct your own science experiments using materials from around your home or living space. The event will kick off with a live conversation with molecular biologist and science communicator Raven Baxter, followed by various special sessions.

Watch the live stream on any of the Museum’s channels below:



Featured Speaker:

Raven Baxter

Raven “the Science Maven” Baxter is an internationally acclaimed science communicator and molecular biologist who works to progress the state of science culture by creating spaces that are inclusive, educational and real. Raven is the founder of Science Haven, which houses projects and initiatives such as STEMbassy, a web series that connects the public with science and technology professionals in a weekly live show. She combines her love of science and music to help empower both students and professionals in STEM and beyond.

Live Stream Schedule
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STEM Videos

12:30pm Sessions
Fuse Dance & Technology
STEM From Dance
How does STEM From Dance teach coding through dance? This demo gives you a glimpse into a day in our program. Register Here.

Our Living Estuary
Hudson River Park
Join Hudson River Park’s River Project in exploring life in the Hudson River Estuary and learn how they monitor water quality and wildlife. Register Here.
1:00pm Sessions
Empowering Entrepreneurs
Cultured Kids Cuisine
At Cultured Kids Cuisine, we pride ourselves in providing the resources and mentorship to girls pursuing entrepreneurship! Register Here.

Failure is an Option: Testing Medical Biomaterials
The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
This hands-on, interactive activity will teach you how to design and test metal biomaterials for medical applications! Please bring paperclips. Register Here.

Breaking Down Vaccines: Linking Medicine & Science
Women in MSTP at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Learn how vaccines partner with our immune systems to fight disease and how linking medicine and research can keep us healthy. Register Here.

Meteorite Crash Course
American Museum of Natural History
Learn all about meteorites and how they help decipher the secrets of our solar system in this Meteorite “Crash Course”! Register Here.
1:30pm Sessions
Dive into Oceanography with Three Female Scientists
Marine and Coastal Sciences, Rutgers University
Explore the mysteries of the ocean with a biologist, a coder, and a policy maker as they discuss uses of STEM in oceanography. Register Here.

What’s Your STEM Spark?
SHPE - Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
Join SHPE-NYC, a rocket engineer, and a fintech entrepreneur to talk about your STEM spark! Register Here.

Solving Real-World Problems with Innovation & STEM
Innovation Corner
Let’s change the world! Teenage innovator, Neha Shukla, shares her innovation process solving big problems leveraging STEM. Register Here.
2:00pm Sessions
Makers for Change
Makers for Change
We’ll be sharing a bit about our organization and the positive impact that YOU can make in the fight against COVID-19 and other social issues! Register Here.

Germ Detection
BioLogue Laboratorium Inc.
Participants will learn about living in a world of germs, where germs can be found, how they spread, and how to prevent disease. Register Here.
2:30pm Sessions
Let's create Augmented Reality Filters with NYIT!
New York Institute of Technology
Create your own snapchat AR (augmented reality) filters with Prof. Park. Register Here.
Ongoing/Pre-Recorded Sessions
Dinosaur Fish
Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University
Atlantic sturgeon are prehistoric, gentle fish that have been around for 120 million years. It’s like we have dinosaurs swimming in the Hudson! Watch Video.

What is a Herbarium?
New York Botanical Garden Explainers Program
Let's explore what a herbarium is, one of New York Botanical Garden's treasures.
Watch Video.

Women in STEM (WinS)
Mote Marine Laboratory
Mote will record our Women in STEM series featuring amazing women researchers working in marine science. Check them out here.

Oceanography in the Desert
University of Arizona
Half of the oxygen we breathe is coming from oceans. Let’s discover how invisible organisms are crucial to our visible world. Watch Video.

How a Web Designer Recreated their School Website
New York Institute of Technology
Learn a student from NYIT redesigned their school's website as a UX/UI web designer. Watch Video.

Pivoting a Holistic STEAM Program in the Age of Corona
DIVAS for Social Justice
DIVAS for Social Justice will highlight the organization's 13 year journey in making the connection between STEAM and Social Justice. Watch Video.

We Are Tools & Tiaras
Tools & Tiaras Inc.
Expose. Inspire. Mentor. Meet Tools & Tiaras the organization changing the trades industry one girl at a time. Watch Video.

DIY Space Crystals
Explainer TV, New York Hall of Science
Explainers Anne and Annah, from NYSCI, demonstrate how to make DIY space crystals with household materials. Watch Video.

Water Recycling
The Grey Water Project
Learn the importance of water recycling and how to recycle water in this awesome demo. Watch Video.
Saturday, March 6
11:00am ET
Welcoming remarks from Shay Saleem, Manager of Teen Leadership Programs, Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum.

11:15am ET
Live conversation with molecular biologist and science communicator, Raven “The Science Maven” Baxter.

11:45am ET
Tune in throughout the day for engaging activities and presentations from our amazing partners. Please register for these special sessions here, or view these pre-recorded STEM videos from many of our partners.

1:00pm ET
Interns from the Museum’s GOALS for Girls program will speak and provide activities on plastics and their effects on the environment.

1:45pm ET
Join Intrepid Museum educators and learn about the science of flight.

2:30pm ET
Interns from the Museum’s GOALS for Girls program will lead a discussion and activity about sustainable practices that will help us save the world’s coral reefs.

3:00pm ET
Closing remarks from Shay Saleem, Manager of Teen Leadership Programs, Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum.

Preparing For The Virtual Event

Materials needed for experiments may vary. We suggest you join the program with at least paper and pen.

Have a positive attitude

Science is all about trial and error. Be ready to celebrate your successes and learn from your mistakes.

Take part in the conversation

Some programming will be pre-recorded other program components will be live. For the live sessions you will have the opportunity to ask questions of your presenters. If you are not able to communicate directly with the presenter, share your ideas and your questions with someone you know and keep the conversation going!

Respect others

Listen and contribute without judgement, be open-minded and ready to admit that you may be wrong. Be humble, no one knows everything!

Girls in Science and Engineering Day is generously supported by:

Call: 646-381-5020