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Community Engagement Programs

The Museum travels throughout New York City to provide exciting hands-on programs at local community centers and libraries. Community engagement programs are designed for all ages and can be adjusted for the specific needs of each location.

Program Options

Poof! Life in a Vacuum
Where does “space” begin? How far away is the moon? Where did the space shuttles go? These questions and more are answered as you discover Intrepid’s role in the Space Race, the importance of Earth’s atmosphere and why astronauts need to wear spacesuits. Using a bell jar and vacuum pump, Museum educators will mimic the vacuum of space and its effect on objects.

High-Flying Design
Find out how the four forces of flight, Newton’s Laws of Motion and other principles of flight allowed Intrepid’s aircraft to soar across the sky. Then make and balance your own gliders! You’ll manipulate their flaps and rudders to perform various maneuvers and bring them to a controlled landing.

Tonight’s Sky Planetarium Show
Let us bring the night sky to you! Museum educators will bring an inflatable planetarium and digital projector to your location. Inside, you’ll learn about the stars and planets, the sun and moon, constellations and mythology, and you’ll find out how sailors and astronauts use the stars to navigate. This program requires a large space with a 15-foot ceiling. Limited availability.

Do you want Intrepid to sail to your library or community center? Email or call 646-381-5162.


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