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  • P Credit Courses

    The Museum offers P-credit courses as part of the NYC Department of Education's After School Professional Development Program (ASPDP). These courses apply toward teachers' salary differential +30 requirement.


    Summer P Credit: Cold War in Context: Using Primary Sources at the Intrepid Museum
    Credits: 3 P-Credits
    Length: 6 Days (36 hours)
    Dates: Monday, August 5, - Saturday, August 10, 2019

    Cold War in Context: Using Primary Sources at the Intrepid Museum will immerse teachers in historical research as well as the history, artifacts and oral histories in the Museum’s collection that embody the Cold War era, using two main historic artifacts, the former aircraft carrier USS Intrepid and Cold War submarine Growler, as authentic points of entry into the study of this topic. In addition, the Museum displays a Project Oxcart A-12 spy plane, equipped with cameras that took images from 80,000 feet, and, from the latter years of investment in a major Cold War-driven initiative – the race for space – the shuttle orbiter Enterprise. Just as important as these large artifacts and historic spaces are the smaller objects, primary source documents, ephemera and oral histories collected by the Museum from this era, connecting the larger history to specific, human stories. The course will allow teachers to deepen their understanding of the Cold War era and increase confidence in their ability to explore the subject thoroughly, critically and engagingly with their students. Guest lecturer Alex Wellerstein, PhD, of the Stevens Institute of Technology and co-curator of the Museum’s exhibition on the submarine Growler will provide three sessions to ground teachers in the scholarly content of the era. Find the full course description, syllabus and assignments on the ASPDP website.

    Please register on the ASPDP website before registering with the Museum.  To enroll in the course, you must register with both organizations and submit a $120 fee to the Museum. 

    Each participant will receive a copy of the course text, Understanding and Teaching the Cold War by Matthew Masur. Light snacks will be served.




Host your next faculty event at the Museum! Reserve the Intrepid Museum’s Michael Tyler Fisher Center for Education for an educational retreat, conference or committee meeting. With spectacular views of the Hudson River and newly renovated accommodations, space is available for groups as small as 10 and as large as 200.

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