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Youth Leadership Institute at Intrepid (YLI@Intrepid)

Yearlong Program for High School Juniors

Yearlong Program for High School Juniors

YLI@Intrepid supports New York City high school students in developing critical skills and insights necessary to mature into engaged, active citizens. This free, yearlong series of programs encourages students to activate their leadership potential, sharpen their public speaking skills and engage in community and civic programs, all while preparing them for college.

  • Program Details

    YLI@Intrepid students are dedicated to growing socially, emotionally, academically and professionally.

    During the program, students will do the following:

    • Be exposed to unique projects at the Museum
    • Sharpen their public speaking skills by presenting historical information and scientific concepts to Museum visitors
    • Collaborate with peers from across New York City
    • Participate in service projects within the five boroughs
    • Gain experience in personal finance
    • Learn about the rigors of the college application process
    • Visit college campuses in NYC and the surrounding area
    • Build their professional resumes
    • Learn about museum careers

    At the end of the program, students receive a certificate of completion, a personal recommendation from the program leader and the opportunity to apply for an internship at the Museum.

  • Application Information

    The Youth Leadership Institute at Intrepid application is now closed.

    Only invited applicants will be notified via email by May 4th for the interview process at the Intrepid Museum. Check emails regularly for application status.

    The Youth Leadership Institute at Intrepid (YLI@Intrepid), is a school yearlong program beginning September 29, 2018, for rising 10th grade male and female students of New York City to participate in workshops and fieldtrips that elicit youth and social advocacy, promote community development and provides opportunities for individual growth in public speaking, presentation skills, and college and career readiness.

    Students who complete the YLI program will receive recognition and continued support with:
    • A certificate of completion
    • Letter of Recommendation
    • Opportunity to apply for a Museum internship

    Click here for the 2018–2019 YLI flyer

    If you have 15 or more students who are interested in learning about the YLI program, we can hold a YLI Informational Session at your school or organization. Contact to schedule a visit. All visits must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance.

  • FAQs

    When does YLI@Intrepid take place?
    YLI@Intrepid runs the duration of the school year from September to June. The cohort typically meets three times a month, on a Saturday or a weekday when school is not in session.

    What is a typical day like?
    Each day is different, but the main themes of the program (leadership, public speaking and college/career readiness) stay the same. Each session, whether it is held at the Intrepid Museum or off-site at other venues in the city, focuses on one of these themes.

    Is transportation provided?
    Students will receive MetroCards for their transportation to and from program meet-ups. Students must make their own travel arrangements to and from the program. Field trip meeting locations will be communicated in advance to participating students.

    Two unexcused absences are allowed for the duration of the program.
    Three absences are allowed for the duration of the program. Three instances of lateness are the equivalent of one absence.

    Who should provide a recommendation?
    Ask an adult whom you know well and who is outside your family. This could be a teacher, coach, program leader or religious leader.

    How many students will be accepted into the program?
    Between 30 and 35 students will be accepted.




YLI@Intrepid is generously funded by ADP, the Pinkerton Foundation and Cathay Bank.


Call: 646-381-5020