What is now a state-of-the-art movie theater was originally the forward aircraft elevator of the USS Intrepid.

What is now a state-of-the-art movie theater was originally the forward aircraft elevator, which was used to transport aircraft between the ship’s hangar and flight decks. This space was also used as a vital recreational space when the crew were not performing their regular jobs. Activities included concerts, sporting events and religious services.

Carrying on that tradition today, more than one million visitors pass through the Museum each year and many begin their visit in the theater viewing our film The Story of Intrepid. The names and inscriptions on the seats are also seen by innumerable special guests who attend speaker series and other high-profile events at the Museum.

We are humbled to recognize these personal stories aboard the historic aircraft carrier Intrepid, a national historic landmark. These inscriptions are now a permanent part of the Intrepid Museum and the stories they tell will continue to educate about the meaning of service for generations to come.

All seats in the Lutnick Theater have been dedicated. Stay connected with the Museum to be the first to know about the next tribute program at the Museum.
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Sailors and marines line Intrepid’s flight deck in 1956. Lt. Charles Devens guides a TBF Avenger into position for takeoff in 1944. A Grumman S-2 Tracker on the forward aircraft elevator in the early 1970s. Gift of Angel Torres, Jr. Crew members play volleyball in the aircraft elevator during World War II. Visitors to Intrepid ride the forward aircraft elevator in 1971.
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