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An aircraft carrier is a world apart. The objects that crew members used on board Intrepid reveal the experiences of daily life on this floating airfield, which served in the U.S. Navy from 1943 until 1974.

Intrepid A to Z is an alphabetized collection of objects selected by former crew members, veterans and curators to represent life on board the ship. Most of them have never been on display to the public. Follow the alphabet for a glimpse into the ups and downs of serving on board an aircraft carrier.

A is for Awards

Have you ever looked closely at the colorful bars pinned to a service member’s chest? Each ribbon corresponds to an award. These award ribbons belong to Raymond Fox, a pilot who flew from Intrepid. Visit the exhibition to find out what his ribbons represent.

Ribbon bars, c. 1967
Gift of Raymond Fox. 2015.82.02

V is for Vietnam

Gerald Feola served with a squadron on board Intrepid during the Vietnam War. He wore this helmet when he was flying in the rear seat of an A-1 Skyraider over North Vietnam. Today, the helmet brings back the emotions he felt as a young man serving on board. Learn about his experience when you visit.
Flight helmet, 1967
Gift of Gerald Feola. 2015.63

Visit the Museum to view the rest of the alphabet.

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