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Intrepid Adventures

Intrepid Adventures are enrichment programs designed to provide children ages 5–12, their siblings and parents/caregivers an opportunity to have fun and learn together. Each Adventure is inspired by a Museum exhibition. Programs are one hour and free with Museum admission. Meet at the Information Desk on the hangar deck.

Space is limited. Register in advance.

  • Upcoming Programs

  • November 2018

    High-Flying Design
    November 3 and 4
    at Noon
    Star Stories
    November 17 and 18
    at Noon
    Make the best paper airplanes around while learning about the four forces of flight. Then learn how planes steer through the air in our obstacle course.

    Email to register.


    Take a trip inside the Intrepid Museum’s planetarium to learn myths from around the world that explain the stars in the sky. Then create your own constellation and myth in a storytelling activity.

    Email to register.

    December 2018

    Flying in Style
    December 1 and 2
    at Noon
    Diving into Density
    December 15 and 16
    at Noon
    There’s more to aircraft than wings and engines. Get up close to the aircraft in our collection to learn how symbols and paint schemes set each airplane apart. Then head back to the classroom to create a family squadron insignia and decorate an airplane.

    Email to register.


    Take a tour of our massive aircraft carrier and explore our interactive submarine exhibit, Submerged. Then dive and surface with a Cartesian diver you can make at home and design an aluminum foil boat in our workshop. Will your boat hold the most cargo?

    Email to register.

Call: 646-381-5020